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       Software development requires continuous Commitment, Performance, Excellence and Innovation which are enshrined in the corporate standards of Jayesh Infotech.

Jayesh Infotech ensures
  • Stability - We have been successfully serving clients for over 7 years
  • Quality - We utilize the people, systems and tools to do the job right.
  • Technical Ability - We have a full-time professional System Analysts , Programmers, Database Experts and System Administrators.
  • Business Experience - Our US and Indian Development Centers are on fast trail of progress with experience of successfully implemented varieties of applications /projects.

Areas :

We encompass what is in demand now and deliver futuristic solutions.

Windows Applications

      Our Development tools for the Microsoft Windows operating system allow for the rapid development of highly functional, adaptable, and user-friendly applications. In addition, because the Windows operating system is the most popular in the world, compatibility will not be an issue. Therefore, in a short amount of time, your business can enjoy a powerful yet user-friendly application tailored to your business needs and adaptable enough to grow alongside your business.

Database Development
Since data sits at the base of every business process, a solid database resides at the core of most of our computer applications. Our database experience allows us to develop data systems that fit more naturally to your business and run more efficiently. Therefore, your computer system will integrate seamlessly with your existing business processes.

Web Based Applications
       Because Web-based applications take advantage of the internet browser, there is never a need for software to be added to the user’s computer. In turn, the application requires less support to individual computers. System upgrades occur in only one place, on the server, and do not interrupt the work of the users. In practical terms, a Web-based application can save you from the time, money, and stress of computer support.
In addition, Web-based applications allow for incredible flexibility. This type of application can be secured so that only a few people in an office can gain access or it can be opened up to users across the globe. Web-based applications allow your business to transcend many of your traditional geographic restraints, allowing your business to grow into a larger, more flexible market environment.
      The analysis and design phases spur us to have insight into problem-solving approach: to come up with workable solutions to real world problems. The building, or implementation, phase guides us in seeing results: to see software we built working as intended and producing the results for which it was developed.
We like creating new applications as well as improving existing ones. While creating new applications has the advantage of being able to build an application the best way we know how, improving existing ones allows us to learn from others and has the added challenge of figuring out how best to fit new parts into the existing code base.
Quality assurance is an essential part of all our development projects. Our QA staff works closely with the development team, ensuring timely delivery of reliable products. Our broad range of testing services are also available independently. Whether you need immediate crisis intervention or long-term management and support, our staff is experienced and flexible enough to meet any testing need.
  • Languages :
    Perl/ CGI , PHP, JAVA, JSP, ASP,Asp.net , Visual Basic,Vb.Net Visual Foxpro .
  • Databases :
    Oracle, MSSQL, SyBase, mySQL, MS Access and .
  • Channels :
    Convergence of Channels email, Browser, Chat, Instant Messaging, Corporate Mail and MIS.
  • Operating Systems :
    Unix, Linux, Windows NT and Windows 2000.
  • Technologies :
    EJB, XML, JSP, WML, HTML/ DHTML, Javascript, VB Script and native CTI interfaces.
  • Tools :
    WebLogic, WebSphere, Sybase EAS, Netscape, Oracle 8i, Macromedia, Adobe and Visual Studio.
     Our experience includes implementing of wide spectrum of Projects-from Project management, Billing, Online Consulting Web Mail Solutions, client-server Systems to Sever Monitoring Software, Hosting Control Panel, Graphics Filters, Huge Portal Sites and Desktop stand alone Applications for Windows .
The various Commercial Application Software made by us
  • Invoice System
  • Complete Inventory System
  • Complete Barcode Solution
  • Order Processing Software
  • Excise Software
  • Service Tax Software
  • Export Documentation Software
  • Retail Software
  • Pay Roll Software
  • Account Utility
  • Any Customize Software